Board of Directors

President - Tim Lindsey (2020-2021)

Vice President - Robert Ford  (2020-2021)

Treasurer- Pat Donovan  (2016-2019)

Secretary-Sean Jamieson  (2019-2022)

Board Members

Brent Schindewolf (2016-2019)

Ed Cooper  (2017-2020)

Liaison Officer-  Joe Houser




President - John  Foresman  (2017-2020)

Vice President - Larry  Oden (2018-2021)

Treasurer- Pat Donovan  (2016-2019)

Secretary-Sean Jamieson  (2019-2022)

Board members

Brent Schindewolf (2016-2019)

Robert Ford  (2019-2022)

Tim Lindsey  (2018-2021)

Ed Cooper  (2017-2020)

Liaison Officer-  Joe Houser

Eugene Shoemaker

Born: 1925 on a farm outside Mishawaka, Indiana
Reside: South Bend, Indiana area since 1945 after return from WW II
Family: Married to Elizabeth in 1955, 1 stepson, 2 grandchildren, 5 great grandchildren
Occupation: Retired truck driver Joined BCC in 1988, member number 16
First Buck knife: model 110 purchased sometime in the 1980s
Favorite Buck knife: 103 Skinner and 309 pocketknife for every day carry
Other interests: spoiling grandchildren and great grandchildren and Masonic Lodge activities.

Ernest A. Logan
URBANA, IL 61802-1248
PH: 217-367-8083

ERNEST A. LOGAN, born October 31, 1937, Urbana, IL. Enlisted in the Navy, April 1957. Trained at Great Lakes, IL. Served 4 years aboard the USS Bennington (CVA20, CVS20) as an Electricians Mate in “E” Division. Following honorable discharge April 1961: 30 years with the Urbana, IL Post Office, 17 years Illinois Army National Guard, Scuba Diver with 3 Illinois County Recovery Teams, Life member of National Rifle Association, Champaign County Rifle Association, National Knife Collectors Association, Buck Knife Collectors Association, Knife World, National Guard Association and American Legion. Ernie married June Arlene Mc Peek on August 9, 1959 in Mc Connelsville, Ohio. They have 2 daughters, 4 granddaughters and 1 great granddaughter. Ernie and Arlene, together collect Buck Knives, Deer hunt, go to Knife and Gun shows and follow their favorite Country Music Star, Gene Watson.

Larry Oden
Biography Born - 1953, Frankfort, Indiana Reside - Peru, Indiana (since 1977) Family - Married to Cheryl in 1975, blessed with two daughters (Stacey and Christy) Occupation - Controller for an office furniture wholesaler Joined BCC - 1993 - I was first impressed with the 'senior partner' statement included with each Buck knife. After collecting several brands, buying what appealed to me, I realized that I most highly prized my Buck knives. I wish I had joined the club earlier. I am member number 402. First Buck knife - 110 four dot, purchased about 1984 for dressing rabbits. I was delighted with the solid lock-up and with how well it held an edge. I had never owned a quality knife before this due to budget limitations. I still own this knife but it is now retired and part of my collection. It has never been refurbished but I took such good care of it that it barely looks used. I suppose it has dressed over 300 rabbits! Favorite Buck knives - Early production models from the 1960s, especially those handled in white melamine. I am also very partial to 110s and the 500 series. Other interests - church activities, fishing, rabbit hunting, Atlanta Braves and Indiana University basketball. At some point in the future, I would like to write an authoritative book on collecting Buck knives.

Elgin E. Thomas
1520 Rock Ridge Dr.
Cleveland, Ok. 74020
918 358-3629

Elgin was born & reared in Aline, Ok. On the same farm his Grandfather Thomas filed on in the Cherokee Run. He had 2 older brothers who shared the love of the land as Elgin did. He bought a farm & married his highschool sweetheart, Ima Jean. They had their ideal family a son Doug & their daughter Dian. Who are both Buck Club Members. They later sold their farm & moved to Cleveland, Ok., in 1952. Where they purchased a Texaco Service Station. Later acquired a Dodge & Plymouth Agency. When Ima Jean became ill with CA they moved to Watonga so as to be close to her parents before her death. Elgin & the Children remained in Watonga for 14 months then returned to Cleveland. In 1966 he & Ruth were married & combined her 4 children & Elgin’s 2. They enjoyed 32 years of marriage before her death1998.. Elgin worked for Kerr Mc Gee Oil Co., & together they built a Mobil Home Park on Keystone Lake. Also with a co-pardner drilled several oil wells, & experienced a couple of dry holes along with some good production . During this period he was elected Councilman, for 5 years, and served as Mayor for 5 years with a total of 10 years in Cleveland’s City Government.. Elgin became interested in Buck Knives when he stopped smoking & used that money for a hobby. Ruth gave him his 1st BUCK KNIFE A 110 Folding Hunter. He became a Founding Member #26, in the Buck Club.. Elgin served on the Board of the Buck Club, for 7 years. He has shown various divisions of his collection. He traveled to California & enjoy his tour & visit of the Buck Factory in 1998. He & his present wife Vonta are now enjoying retirement, both showing their collections of Buck Knives & Buck Hatchets at knife shows. They also tootle around in Elgin’s 1963 Studybaker. In parades & on trips. Elgin has been elected as Senator for 4 Counties as Silver-Haired Legislator. Trying to implement some changes in our laws to benefit the elderly in Ok. He serves on several Boards, COEDD, Volunteer Health Clinic & Cemetery Board. He is also a member of Hospital Aux, Chamber of Commerce. He recently became a CASA Volunteer. Working with advocating for children removed from their homes due to abuse or drugs. Advocates for them in the Court System.

Richard Matheny
Dick is a native Detroiter currently living in Holly, Michigan. He is divorced with a daughter Chris McGhee, son-in-law Scott and a granddaughter Lauren who live in Auburn Hills, MI. Dick is an Engineering Manager by profession with degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Management. Further, he is a Certified Manufacturing Engineer with experience in Information Technology, the Automotive Industry and the Aerospace Industry. Currently, his career focus is on improving the product development and launch process. In his spare time, Dick enjoys his family, taking care of his property, collecting Jade and Quartz specimens and of course collecting Buck Knives. He has been collecting Buck Knives since 1983. He specifically collects #900 series hunting knives, #119 Specials, #124 Nemo/Frontiersmans, #402 Akonuas, #110 Folding Hunters, #426 Bucklites, #560/186 Titaniums, #111 & 51x series Classics, #50x Slimline series, #424/444 Bucklite IIs, #521/522 VIPs, #425 Buckbrights/Minibucks, #529 Buckskins, #527 Treasurys, #506 Lady Buck/White Knights, #507 Ultimas, #53x Series Bucklocks and the #88x Series Buck/striders.

John A. Foresman
Born June 2, 1959 in Flemington, NJ. Resides in Goode, Virginia and has been living in central Virginia since 1982. I married the love of my life, Georgia in 1988. That’s when my serious knife collecting started. I’ve always had a fondness for knives, but Georgia gave me a 903 HH Buck Bowie for a wedding gift. I was hooked on Buck knives from there on out. Like most, I collected every knife with a Buck tang stamp, but after several years, I concentrated on knives from the Buck Custom Shop. Georgia and I have been blessed with four children; Tanya, Michael, Zach, and Courtney. We also have two adorable grandchildren, Ashlyn and Briann. We are all members of the Buck Collectors Club. I first joined the club in 1989. I became active in a leadership role in 2000. I totally enjoy my club responsibilities.

I’ve made my living installing carpet since 1981. I’ve been in business for myself, with one employee, since 1982. But, my real passions in life are my Buck knives, my children and family. I love to travel too.

One of my greatest pleasures was getting my father involved in knife collecting. All it took was attending one show with me. Since then, he’s been very involved in the BCCI, acting as website administer and membership coordinator.

Joe Houser
Born in 1961 in Lemon Grove, California. Lived there for the first 43 years of my life. Now reside in Coeur d’ Alene Idaho. Married to Maralee in 1985 and have two sons, Aaron and Andrew. Occupation- I have worked at Buck Knives since early in 1985, shortly after meeting my wife. My original plan was to move up north somewhere to study and become a forest ranger or game warden. My wife’s dad did not want to see her move away and he offered me a position at the Buck company. Since then I have become more interested in hunting and collecting the older Buck knives. My passion is the company history and historical knives, those made before 1961. Currently my wife and I have about 30 of these knives, all made by either Hoyt or Al Buck. My favorite “Buck” item is not actually a knife but the earliest known Buck Box. The reason for my interest is due to the fact that this early box bears the scripture, John 3:16 and shows that even way back then, Mr. Buck wanted to use his business to spread the Gospel. I love researching the various categories of knives that Buck has made over the years and documenting this information so collectors can be armed with the knowledge necessary to make informed additions to their collections.

Jack Foresman
I was born on January 19, 1939 in Chester, PA. I now reside in Cape Coral Florida. I have always had a passing interest in knives but only as tools to use. I happened to attend a knife show with my son John in the spring of 2003. The knife bug snuck up and bit me at that show. I went on to become a Life Member of the Club and attended the 15th Anniversary in El Cajon. I was asked/volunteered to be the Membership/Website Administrator. Having been retired with time on my hands that job filled a void in my life. I work closely with John at that job and at knife shows and enjoy every minute of it. He has taught me a great deal about knives and it is truly a pleasure interacting with him. Buck just came out with their Alpha Hunter series when I got involved. I feel that I got in on the ground floor with the Alphas and that is what I collect and display at shows.

Russ (Rusty) Donoghue

Born - April 6, 1939 in Collbran, Colorado - population 307.
Reside - Salt Lake City, Utah.
Education - Graduated High School - 1957 - Moab, Utah. Graduated Utah State University - 1962 - Logan, Ut.
Family - Married Marjorie Redd, December 28, 1960. Two Children - Chad and Corina. Four grandchildren.
First Buck Knife - 1972 - 112.
Favorite Buck Knives - 703 - 532 - 403. Collect the 700 series.
Work History at a Glance - High School English , Speech and History Teacher - 12 Years - Preston, ID. & Moab, UT.
Owner/Operator Slickrock Country Campground - 9 years - Moab, UT.
Administrator - Utah and National Rural Water Associations - 28 years.
Other Interests - Top on the list is the BCCI and Collecting. Reading, Writing, Traveling, Building Friendships, 1957 Chevrolets, and CJ-5 Jeeps.