Reaching out and captivating Buck collectors

The Buck Collectors Club, Inc. promotes the collection and display of Buck Knives. When Buck sales representative Vern Taylor founded the organization in 1988, he had an idea and a dream. Little did he know that his fledgling organization would become the most active and passionate factory cutlery group in the U.S.A. BCCI members proudly display their collections and promote the virtues of Buck Knives at knife shows all across the country. Club sponsored special events feature seminars designed to help members learn more about knives produced by their favorite cutlery company. Along the way, members develop a camaraderie that makes this club special. You are invited to check out a different sort of knife club.

Expect to be educated and delighted with your discovery

Welcome to the BCCI

 Bourbon and Blades at Red Hill Cutlery (92 Bourbon St, Radcliff, KY 40160 (800) 378-7120) planning is really coming together. We have reserved pavilions at Sounders Spring for Friday the 6th of Sept. We’re working on a meal to be served around 6-630PM. Would like BCCI members to show up 4:30 or so. CJ, Tony, and Buck crew around 6:00 PM. Should be a great time. IF THINKING ABOUT ATTENDING make sure we have you on the attending list for meal count and VIP passes for Saturday’s concert. I don’t think you’re going to want to miss this rendezvous. More to come as we finalize plans. P.S. bring a lawn chair. No alcohol allowed at Sounders Spring Park.  Email:  Dale Eichburg for reservation information. [email protected]